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We are still delivering for our customers during this time of crisis. Delivery times may be impacted
We are still delivering for our customers during this time of crisis. Delivery times may be impacted
Wrist Rattles

Why do babies need rattles?

The obvious question appears when buying baby products, should i buy a rattle for our baby – ‘They never really use them’. Rattles get the odd shake and crash but are rarely under prolonged scrutiny by our little ones. Having said that, Rattles have been around since we can remember.

There must be use to them besides the obvious clank and snare. Our team at Cubby did some digging to the same end to try and discover what is so special about them.

Within the animal kingdom, offspring when born take a few shaky steps toddle around a little and then its off in to wild within a few hours if not days. Human babies however seem to be different. Motor senses take a while to develop. This seems to be due to the Human brain being developed over time. The learn and retain policy is where ‘once bitten twice shy’ starts to play on our minds.

All of our first movements are involuntary and appear to be random. Hands/arms/legs all move out of sync (so it seems) – however like an AI system, our brain is learning with every move - or lack thereof. The bran is retaining information on its power on not only how to move limbs but how to move them in unison.

Stimulus is paramount at this stage. Having a rattle will actually prompt your child to move whatever is in their hand to hear that sound they so love. There are various forms of rattles available now. Hand held or even fastened to wrists and within socks as can be found within our collection of rattles here.

A wrist rattle when worn helps a baby to move their hands up and down and sideways in order to continually hear the sound they so like.  These are meant to be quite light so no burden is placed to add stress to already little learning limbs.

Feel free to have a look through our collection of rattles below

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